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“I was really worried about regaining my range of motion and I’m thrilled to have 100%. APTC is the best ever!” Marcia, Goodrich Facility
Advanced Physical Therapy


Advanced Physical Therapy Center participates with most insurance plans. Your policy may require a referral to physical therapy by your primary care physician. There may be limitations regarding the number of visits you can receive. To contact our billing office call (888)644-7747.

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Direct Access

Direct Access is a law that creates the option for patients to see a physical therapist without a prescription from a physician for up to 21 days or 10 treatment visits. In some instances, your insurance provider may still require you to get a referral. Direct Access will also allow patients to see a PT directly for injury prevention and fitness promotion with no time or visit limit. For more information about Direct Access or to schedule an appointment, contact your nearest APTC clinic.

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Advanced Physical Therapy

Over Three Decades of Success

Advanced Physical Therapy Center, P.C. is a physical therapy, occupational therapy, and sports medicine clinic dedicated to providing cutting edge therapy techniques and personalized, one-on-one care programs. Since 1991, Advanced PT has distinguished itself among the providers in Grand Blanc, Flint, Clio, Hartland, Goodrich, Clarkston, Waterford, Davison and Fenton. Our goal is to develop customized rehabilitation programs that get you back to work and play fast. We have state of the art, hands-on techniques and tailor-made exercise programs delivered by highly trained, compassionate therapists. We focus on getting RESULTS!

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Advanced Physical Therapy

Thousands of Happy Patients

“I’m an avid runner, but my knee and back injuries kept me from enjoying the sport. The physical and massage therapists worked with me and now I’m running better than ever. I would recommended APTC to anyone who needs physical therapy. They’re the best!”
Roger, Grand Blanc Facility
“The staff was more than courteous. They made me feel important and special. They encouraged and motivated me.”
Mac, Flint Facility

“The best experience I have had at a medical facility. Amazing staff!”
Paige, Clio Facility

“If given a choice of where to have P.T., this is my choice!”
Barbara, Flint Facility

“Your care has given me another lease on life. Thanks a million!”
William, Goodrich Facility

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