Advanced Physical Therapy


Advanced Physical Therapy Center has been helping patients with chronic headaches for years with great success. Our therapists take a specialized approach, working on the deep muscles and joints in the neck, which can be the cause of pain. In addition, the gentle techniques we use allow the joints to become more mobile and relieve tension associated with headaches.

A special focus is on:

  • Posture and alignment
  • Scapular and deep cervical musculature strengthening
  • Cervical mobilization
  • Myofascial release

Advanced Physical Therapy Center can:

  • Restore mobility
  • Correct muscle imbalances and poor posture
  • Strengthen cervical/scapular muscles

After your initial prescription for physical therapy is completed, your physician and physical therapist will decide if you need to continue physical therapy or if you will be discharged to a home exercise program.

This information is provided as a learning resource for the benefit of our patients. It is NOT INTENDED to replace personal consultation with your medical professionals.

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