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Illotibial Band Syndrome

In Illotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS) pain will be noted at the side of the knee and may radiate up the side of the thigh. ITBS is an overuse inflammatory condition due to friction of a band of the tendon over the outer bone of the knee. This is the most common cause of lateral knee pain in runners.

Physical Therapy Treatment Plan: After careful evaluation by the physical therapist, the first step in treating this condition is to reduce pain and inflammation. Treatments will include ice massage, iontophoresis, phonophoresis, and massage. Stretching and strengthening exercises will be added gradually.

After your initial prescription for physical therapy is completed, your physician and physical therapist will decide if you need to continue physical therapy or if you will be discharged to a home exercise program.

This information is provided as a learning resource for the benefit of our patients. It is NOT INTENDED to replace personal consultation with your medical professionals.

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