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Vestibular Rehab

Vestibular Rehabilitation

Advanced Vestibular Rehab gets Results! Our team of therapists has achieved nationally recognized credentials in the treatment of vestibular disorder symptoms. Our vestibular rehab program can help patients:

  • Improve Balance & Confidence
  • Enhance Mobility & Safety
  • Resolve Dizzy Spells
  • Reduce Fear of Falling
  • Improve Quality of Life

What is Vestibular Rehab?

The term “Vestibular Rehab” is used to describe specialized physical therapy for symptoms of dizziness and imbalance. Advanced Physical Therapy Center has a team of therapists who achieved nationally recognized credentials in the treatment of vestibular disorder symptoms.

The Goal of Vestibular Rehab:

  • Decrease or eliminate dizziness/vertigo
  • Improve balance function and safety
  • Improve visual motor control and tolerance of motion
  • Increase activity levels
  • Reduce falls or risks for falls

Problems Caused by Vestibular Disorders & Poor Balance:

  • Increased risk of falling
  • Fear of falling
  • Loss of strength
  • Loss of endurance
  • Fatigue
  • Anxiety
  • Depression

Disorders or Injuries Involving the Vestibular System

  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo
  • Meniere’s disease
  • Partial or complete loss of vestibular function
  • Vestibular neuritis
  • Labyrinthitis

Our Treatment Programs Get Results

Treatment may include exercises that can eliminate the cause of the symptoms and help the brain adapt to abnormal signals.

If you’re experiencing symptoms of:

  • Dizziness or Light-headedness
  • Vertigo (spinning sensation)
  • Imbalance or Unsteadiness
  • Decreased Concentration
  • Foggy or Fuzzy Headedness
  • Visual Blurring or Bouncing
  • A Feeling of Being “Spacey”
  • Falling, or Near Falls
  • Numbness, Tingling in their Extremities
  • Muscle Weakness or Limit Range of Motion
  • Neck Pain, Headaches or Migraines
  • Motion Sickness

The type of treatment program varies depending on diagnosis and symptoms. Many individuals experience complete elimination of symptoms in 1-3 treatments while others see improvement over 6-8 weeks.

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